Getting Started Feeding Your Preschooler

In Just 7 Minutes, Learn the Foundation for Feeding Your Preschooler!

Have You Ever Had These Thoughts or Questions?

I wish my preschooler would eat a better variety of food?

I want to get back to enjoying meal time, I feel like a nag the whole time, but if I don't they won't eat.

I'm a terrible eater and I want to raise my children so they don't have the issues I have.

If you've asked yourself any of these questions then this program is will help you address all of these. I'm here to walk side by side with you to help you take the frustration out of feeding your children.

No matter what questions you have - the videos, printable guides and support group will help you feel less stress and more confident feeding your children. The best part - you will raise a child who does a good job eating and has life long eating habits you can be proud of!

When You Enroll, Here is What is Included:

* 1 - 7 minute Training video

* 4 Downloadable Handouts

Examples: Weekly Meal Plan

Example Meal Schedule for Your Family

Foods To Serve at Mealtime

Example Preschool Schedule


Getting Started Feeding Your Preschooler

The 7 minute training video will include:

Learn What, When and Where to Feed Your Preschooler

As the parent you will have your job with feeding your child and your child will have theirs. When you try to cross over and do their job with eating meals will be more stressful and battles around feeding will happen. If you are not enjoying feeding your preschooler or you feel as you are battling, this video will walk you through how to to follow your job and allow them do theirs. This will lead to a long-lasting good relationship with food.

Understand How Their Developmental Stage Effects Their Eating

This is the age your child should work towards doing a better job with eating. If feeding your preschooler does not feel less stressful it might be helpful to understand why. This video will walk you through how to make meals easier and less stressful.

Preparing Balanced Meal

Every parent needs the practical advice of what to serve for meals. You will learn exactly what types of foods to serve on the table so your toddler can do the best job with eating.

How to Allow Your Preschooler to Do Their Job with Eating

Just like you have a job with feeding your child - they have a job too with eating. When you can learn what their job is and allow them to do it you will have much smoother, enjoyable meals.

In addition, you will receive 4 downloadable handouts to supplement your videos!

Weekly Meal Plan

Example Meal Schedule for Your Family

Foods To Serve at Mealtime

Example Preschool Schedule

This Video is Designed to Get You Started - You can purchase the Whole Program including ALL 3 Videos with 12 Printable Handouts (some not included with individual videos) + Bonus of 6 months of private FB group support. https://family-feeding-academy.teachable.com/p/pre...

Your Instructor

Dana Snook
Dana Snook

Dana is a Registered Dietitian and Feeding Specialist who helps parents to raise children with a good relationship with food.

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  Getting Started Feeding Your Preschooler
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