Toddler Meals and Snacks

In 10 Minutes You'll Bring Joy Back to the Table!

Do Any of These Sound Like Your Thoughts Around the Family Meal?

Family meals are so stressful, I dread it anymore!

My children will not sit at the table for a meal.

I can't get my children to eat without distractions.

I feel like I have to coerce, force or bribe my children to eat.

I have no idea how much my child needs to eat, how do I get enough into them?

My children want the same foods over and over again.

All my child wants to do is eat snacks all day.

When You Enroll, Here is What is Included:

* 1 - 10 minute training video

* 5 Downloadable Handouts

Examples: Snack Time Ideas

Foods to Serve at Meal Time

Example Meals Schedules

Family Schedule for Your Family

Daily Food Planner


The 10 minute training videos will include:

Importance of Family Meals and How to Do it

Children who eat family meals with their parents are less likely to get involved in drugs, alcohol and early sexual behavior. However, family meals need to be enjoyable for everyone that is at the table. This includes you as the parent and the child. There are ways to do family meals that will allow everyone to do better and this video will help you establish these good routines.

How Much Does Your Toddler Need to Eat

Most of the pressure to feed children comes from the concern with the toddler not getting enough to eat or not getting enough of certain foods. Also, parents sometimes worry about a toddler getting too much of certain foods. All of these lead to parents wanting to control what and how much their toddler needs. However, I'll walk you through how to know how much your toddler actually needs.

How Often Should I Serve a Meal or Snack

Children need and want structure around meals and snacks. It's really about finding the balance of how often and when you serve the meals and snacks. You'll learn exactly how often to serve the meals and snacks and as a bonus in the downloadable handouts you will be able to print out and create your own schedule.

What To Serve For Snack

Snack times for toddlers are so important because of their little bellies and small appetites. Serving balanced snacks will help you toddler do best at snack time. You'll find what and how to serve snacks.

In addition, you will receive 5 downloadable handouts to supplement your videos!

Meal Schedule for the Family

Example of Meal Schedule to Get You Started

Foods to Serve at Meals Times

Snack Time Examples

Daily Food Planner

This Video is Designed to Help You with Meals and Snacks, however, you can purchase the Whole Program including ALL 4 Videos with 12 Printable Handouts (some not included with individual videos) + Bonus of 6 months of private FB group support.

Your Instructor

Dana Snook
Dana Snook

Dana is a Registered Dietitian and Feeding Specialist who helps parents to raise children with a good relationship with food.

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  Handling Meals and Snacks
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