[Bundle] Toddler Feeding Program

4 Quick Videos to Take the Frustration Out of Feeding Your Toddler

Let's build an awesome foundation for feeding!

Have You Ever Had These Thoughts or Questions?

I'm tired of making separate meals for my children just to get them to eat.

My child seems obsessed with sweets and I don't know how to handle it...

I wish my toddler would eat a better variety of food.

I want to get back to enjoying meal time. I feel like a nag the whole time, but if I don't they won't eat!

I have no idea what a balanced meal or snack is for my toddler? I wish I had someone to tell me.

I'm a terrible eater and I want to raise my children so they don't have the issues I have.

Why on Earth does my child eat something one day and not the next?

Sometimes it seems like my toddler is surviving on air, and other times, they're eating everything in sight.

I'm here to help you take the frustration out of feeding your children.

No matter what questions you have - the videos, printable guides and support group will help you feel less stress and more confident feeding your children! The best part? You'll raise a child who does a good job eating and has lifelong eating habits you can be proud of!

What You'll Learn:


You'll know exactly how to foster a healthy foundation for eating and feeding.

You'll understand how to feed your toddler to avoid food battles and allow you to relax and enjoy meals times. These tips will allow your child to have life long good eating habits.

You'll get information on how you can improve the experience of feeding on the whole - for both of you.

How You'll Learn:


I get it - you're too tired to read a book about feeding your baby. That's why I made quick videos that will tell you exactly what you need to know. No more, no less.


Aside from the videos, I also provide supplementary guide to show you examples of WHAT to feed your toddler.


After enrollment, course content is released to you immediately so you can watch them all super quickly, or (what I'd recommend) take your time perusing each video in order as that will give you the best experience.


If you want to connect with other like-minded parents (no crazy mommas here!) who also want to raise good eaters from the beginning, then the Facebook Group is the perfect place to do that. You'll retain access for 6 months.

Video #1 - Getting Started Feeding Your Toddler

This 6 minute training video will include:

Learn What, When, and Where to Feed Your Toddler

As the parent, you'll have your job with feeding your child and your child will have theirs. In other words, when you try to cross over and do their job with regard to eating, dinnertime will become a lot more stressful. If you are not enjoying feeding your toddler or you feel as you are battling already, this video will walk you through how to to "follow your job" and "allow them do theirs." This balance leads to a long-lasting and positive relationship with food.

Understand How Their Developmental Stage Effects Their Eating

Believe it or not, toddlers actually NEED to be more complicated and challenge us around feeding! (I know, right?) So many of these behaviors that are freaking you out are, in fact, *totally normal.* Once you're better informed, it can help you relax.

Preparing Balanced Meals

What's for dinner? Wouldn't every parent love some practical advice here? I'll tell you what to serve for meals without driving yourself crazy. Bonus points: you set your toddler up to do the best job he or she can with eating.

How to Allow Your Toddler to "Do Their Job" with Eating

I've said this a lot - but it bares repeating. Just like you have a job feeding your child, your child has a job feeding him or herself. When you can learn what their job is and allow them to do it, meals will become MUCH more enjoyable.

Video #1 - Bonus Materials

In addition, you'll get these downloadable handouts to supplement your videos!

Meal Schedule for the Family

Example of Meal Schedule to Get You Started

Foods to Serve at Meals Times

Weekly Meal Planner

Grocery Store Planner

Daily Food Planner

Video #2 - Handling Meal and Snack Time

This 10 minute training video will include:

Importance of Family Meals and How to Do it

Children who eat family meals with their parents are less likely to get involved in drugs, alcohol and early sexual behavior. However, family meals need to be enjoyable for everyone that is at the table. This includes you as the parent and the child. There are ways to do family meals that will allow everyone to do better and this video will help you establish these good routines.

How Much Does Your Toddler Need to Eat?

Most of the pressure to feed your children comes from the concern they're not getting "enough" to eat or not getting enough of certain foods. On the other hand, you might worry your toddler is getting too much of a certain food. Allow me to walk you through how much food your toddler actually needs.

How Often Should I Serve a Meal or Snack?

Children need and want structure around meals and snacks! It's really about finding the balance of how often and when you serve the meals and snacks. You'll learn exactly how often to serve meals and snacks and, as a bonus, in the downloadable handouts, you'll be able to print out and create your own schedule.

What To Serve For Snacks

Snack times for toddlers are so important because of their little bellies and small appetites. Serving balanced snacks will help you toddler do best at snack time. You'll find what and how to serve the best snacks for your child.

Video #2 - Bonus Materials

In addition, you'll get these downloadable handouts to supplement your videos!

Snack Time Examples

Meal Tips

7 Days Worth of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Video #3 - Troubleshooting Common Feeding Issues

This 11 minute training video will include:

What Happens When My Child Only Wants to Eat the Same Food?

Sometimes, it's normal for your toddler to eat the same foods. However, if you always cater to their wants, you may end up in a bind. Watch to learn what's "normal" and how to handle it.

How Do You Handle Dessert and Snacks?

Desserts and Snacks can be tricky business. You might think if you start serving these, your child will only want to eat desserts and nothing else! No parent wants their child to grow up and become preoccupied with eating sweets or snack-time foods. However, part of raising children with a good relationship to food starts with trusting them in the first place.

What Happens When My Child Doesn't Want to Try New Foods?

Children don't always want to try new foods. Sometimes it depends on the day or even your child's temperament. If you want to make sure the selective eating doesn't get worse, you'll want to follow these tips.

Is it Okay for Your Toddler to Use Condiments?

Parents can get pretty grossed out and/or concerned because their toddler wants to dip their food in condiments. I'll give you the reasons why it's actually a great idea.

How To Handle Behaviors at the Table

Toddlers are very sensitive, emotional people. They'll push your boundaries and try to get away with what they can. Learning to address these behaviors in a respectful way to help them to do a better job at the table.

How to Handle When Your Toddler Refuses a Food They Usually Eat

I know it's every parents story! One day your toddler likes a food and the next day they're over it. Understanding what you toddler is actually trying to tell you will help you relax around these behaviors.

Video #4 - Weaning From Breastmilk and/or Bottle

This 4 minute training video will include:

Exposure to Sippy Cups

Exposure to sippy cups is important step in the weaning process. You'll learn how to expose your child to the sippy cup.

How Often to Serve Milk and/or Formula

After a year, how you use milk, breastmilk, and formula changes. You'll want to adjust to the schedule so that your baby starts learning about more structure with milk.

Gradual Transition to Cow's Milk

Some babies need a gradual transition to cow's milk. I'll walk you through how to do this gentle transition if your child needs this.

Getting Rid of Nap or Bedtime Feedings

This is historically the hardest feeding to get rid of and I'll give you tips to make the transition easier.

Your Instructor

Dana Snook
Dana Snook

Dana is a Registered Dietitian and Feeding Specialist who helps parents to raise children with a good relationship with food.

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